Public Utilities

Public Utilities

Go Paperless!

Thank you for your interest to go paperless with Riverside Public Utilities! Your decision will help reduce postage, mailing, and operational costs, while providing environmental benefits to the community.

Before you can stop receiving paper statements from Riverside Public Utilities you must have an Online Bill Pay account with us.

Enroll in Online Bill Pay here - To go paperless, please check the "Don't mail printed invoices, only send Email notifications" box while signing up.

Already enrolled in Online Bill Pay?

Follow these three simple steps to go paperless:

  1. Log into your RPU Online Bill Pay account.
  2. Select the "My Profile" tab.
  3. Check the "Don't mail printed invoices, send only Email notifications" box.

Within one to two billing cycles (or about 30-60 days), you will receive your final paper statement with the following message on it: "BEGINNING NEXT MONTH YOU WILL NO LONGER RECEIVE A COPY OF YOUR STATEMENT BY MAIL."

After you have received this paper statement, you will only receive City of Riverside billing statements through your Riverside Public Utilities Online Bill Pay account.*

*Please note that Riverside Public Utilities and the City of Riverside may still send you important information, including Past Due notices by mail.

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